Bhawanipatna - its presiding deity 'Bhawanishankar'

Bhawanipatna, the town of Kalahandi District in the state of East Indian state of Orissa, is known for a number of temples dedicated to various Hindu deities. Its presiding deity is Bhawani Shankar whom the place is named after.

Amont the most popular tourist places in the town, you can name Phurli Jharan at Kalahandi, close to Noamundi Bhawanipatna, about 17 km away. Other important attractions here are Manikeswari Temple, Palace of Kalahandi, Palace of Kalahandi King and Sabha Mandapa in Kalahandi Palace, among others. The most famous festival at the Bhawanipatna is the Chhatra Yatra of Goddess Manikeswari.

Among other worth visit places of the town are some sports stadiums. Here is located Lal Bahadur Sashtri Stadium that is the biggest stadium in Orissa by field area, having witnessed several important matches like Ranji Trophy and Kalahandi Cup, among others. Reserve Police Stadium is the home ground for the Orissa Police. Other big sports ground at Bhawanipatana is the College Field.

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