Keonjhar Tour & Travel Guide

Keonjhar - its mineral resources (Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chromate, Quartzite, Bauxite, Gold, Pyrophillite and Lime Stone)

Keonjhar or Kendujhar or Kendujhargarh, city and district situated in the East Indian state of Orissa, is known for being the gateway to one of the most picturesque destinations in the country. Among the most renowned temples here are Vishnu and Jagannath temples as well as Siddhakali and Panchabati Shrines.

The most gorgeous attractions of the region lie in amazing natural panorama and lively waterfalls flowing down the forest-covered hillsides. You can have visits to the Sanghagara Waterfall (30.5 mtrs) and Badghagara Waterfall (61 mtrs) lying close to the town. Badghagara's mesmerizing atmosphere makes it a popular picnic spot in Orissa. Keonjhar is also known for bearing rich mineral deposits. The tribal folk get shelter at the terraced valleys and forested land, visualizing the simple lifestyles and striking festivities of the inhabitants of the region.

The main tourist places to visit in and around Keonjhar are Sitabinji, Khandadhar, Sanghagara, Badghagara, Gonasika, Murga Mahadeva and Ghatgaon. Keonjhar’s nearest airport is at Bhubaneshwar, 220 km far. It is connected by broad gauge line of railway to Jakhpura. National Highway No 6 and 215 connects the town to the major cities of the country.

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