Simlipal National Park

Simlipal - Simlipal National Park / the abundance of Semul / red silk cotton trees

Simlipal, located in the biotic province Chhotanagpur Plateau, is best known for its Simlipal National Park that is an elephant reserve. The park, spread in an area of 845.70 sq km (326.53 sq mile), bears some gorgeous waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani. You can find here a total of 99 Royal Bengal Tigers and 432 Wild elephants. The place is also known for Gaurs (Indian Bisons), Chausingha, as well as an orchidarium.

This is a gorgeous hill range appropriately referred as 'Salmali Saila (the hill of Simul)' in the poetry - 'Usha' - of the renowned Oriya poet Laureate Radhanath Ray. Lying in the core of the erstwhile Mayurbhanj State, the place is named after the splendid and captivating Simul (Silk Cotton Tree).

Creating a mesmerizing panoramic view, the hills are bear a number of peaks and valleys rising steeply from the plains of Udala in the south and Baripada in the southeast and expand up to Jashipur in the northwest, Bisnoi in the north and Thakurmunda in the west. You can observe here numerous streams flowing to all directions and finally draining into the Bay of Bengal. Being a representative ecosystem under Mahanadian Biogeographic Region, Simlipal’s floral and faunal composition shows resemblance with that of the Western Ghats and Northeast India.

Similipal can be approached through Pithabata (22 km or 14 miles from Baripada) and Jashipur, 98 km from here.

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